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If you are lucky enough to have thick, strong, healthy lashes that lengthen easily with a good mascara then LVL is the most cost effective, less maintenance option to eyelash extensions, using revolutionising perming techniques.

The results speak for themselves....



LVL Lashes has created a storm in the beauty world by straightening rather than curling eyelashes to give you a fabulous wide-awake appeal that is completely natural AND yours!

With just a little help from this innovative new treatment it will lend a remarkable amount of length, thickness and uplift to your very own eyelashes!

The whole process takes around 45 minutes and will last the life of your eyelashes (approx 8 to 12 weeks).

First and most importantly, it doesn't harm the fine hair of your lashes. It is specifically designed and developed with the latest innovative technology that is virtually damage free and it's an easy process too.

Cheryl will choose an LVL lashes Silicone Shield for the shape of your eyelid and secure it as close to the lid as possible to the lashes. Then, using gel formulation, she will secure your lashes individually over the shield.

The process will take up to 15 mins depending on the thickness and length of your lashes. Once they are all secure she will apply an LVL Lashes Lifting Balm with conditioning proteins making sure every lash is coated.

A volumising fix is applied after 15 mins and the eyes are covered with pads for a further 5 mins.

The Shield is then removed gently with a cotton bud and purified water finally a lubricating LVL Lashes Revitaliser is applied to encourage good condition and growth.


"I have been a regular client of Cheryl Holiday and Lasting Beauty for around 13 years. Within this time, I have had treatments every 3 weeks. Due to their high standards, customer care, quality of materials and the extremely professional and friendly atmosphere, I have never felt the need to look elsewhere.
I have, and will continue to highly recommend Cheryl and all the Lasting Beauty Technicians for Beauty Therapy Treatments as they are all superb."

Jacqui Morris

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"I've been going to Cheryl for more than a year now for my eyelash extensions and she is the ultimate professional. She's a perfectionist that takes great pride in her work. I've often felt rushed in salons before but Cheryl takes her time, makes you feel relaxed and always does a fantastic job. When she's finished I instantly feel better about myself, confident and more attractive - it's worth every penny!"

Louise - Leeds

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